All that glitters is not gold

Four cities in five days….I actually thought about writing this post on my mobile phone during one of the lay-overs in Miami, San Francisco/Sacramento, Minneapolis or New York, but have you ever tried to write lengthy texts/emails on either iPhone or Blackberry keyboards?! That’s why I decided to wait until I was back in Atlanta.

During the past month and a half I’ve worked on a project aimed at finding business partners for a German manufacturer of giant umbrellas (up to 32ft in diameter). In order to meet three potential distributors my client decided that a business trip was in order. Let’s just say that now I understand why travel agents are so stressed out, because trying to find flights that are fairly priced and that are also within a set schedule (not to mention having to factor in the different timezones) was difficult.

Crowded planes and busy huge airports (Gates A1 through A36 are just ONE of a total of five terminals) are the downside of business travel. One nice thing that you probably rarely experience though – if you live in Atlanta – is JetBlue. (They don’t have any flights in or out of the Big Peach). You are probably wondering why they are nice: more leg room and personal viewing screens where you can watch DirecTV (satellite TV) in flight (in coach!).

After a stressful week everybody involved was happy and ready to go home: The client met some really interesting distributors, I was in New York for the first time (San Francisco as well, but I wasn’t that impressed: it was cold not that warm), and we racked up on Skymiles, Perks, TrueBlue Points or whatever reward system the airlines used.

Lesson learned: I am now a shade-expert and can tell you all about umbrellas……..

24-karat gold plated

24-karat gold plated bolts, screws and fixtures

The Dubai Umbrella: German precision umbrella with 24-karat gold plated screws, bolts and fixtures (Email me if that is just what your backyard/patio is missing)


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