What does Felix the rabbit have to do with carpets?

Have you heard of Felix the rabbit?  He is a popular children’s cartoon character in Germany.  He isn’t well known yet in America, but we are working to change that with our new project.  We are working for a company called Böing, and they make carpets especially for children!


The company was established in September 2006 by Mr. Ulrich Böing, the managing director of the company.  Located in Dülmen, Germany outside of Münster, they are responsible for producing premium rugs intended for children and youth.  The company’s specialty lies in developing and selling fitted rugs.  The business works as a carpet wholesaler and already possesses much of the national and international markets within Europe.  Their high quality rugs are produced with superior craftsmanship in addition to being certified with several licenses.  Since Böing has become one of Germany’s leading carpet wholesalers, the company is looking to stretch its wings in the US market given its established European business connections. 

Böing makes rugs that feature not only “Felix the Rabbit”, but also “Princess Lillifee” and “Capt’n Sharky”.

Böing Carpet also holds the license of “Rock Star Baby”, which was designed by Tico Torres, the famous drummer from Bon Jovi.  In contrast to the children’s lines mentioned above, these designs are intended more for a teenage and adult audience.

In addition to the adult and children themed rugs shown here, Böing produces a range of carpets aimed at both audiences featuring the very popular Bayern Munich soccer club among others.

In order to help Böing realize its goals of US market entry, the GACC South conducted an extensive business to business marketing campaign to establish business connections.  Subsequently, rug samples and marketing materials were mailed out to the target companies. 

Consequently potential business partners could be identified after additional follow ups that Böing will visit this coming November.  The GACC South will be available for any travel consultation or further assistance.

Böing has planned a business trip to the US at the beginning of November to meet with potential partners, and the GACC South will be available for any travel consultation or further assistance.

During the cooperation, Böing agreed to sponsor a large red “Felix the Rabbit” rug for our Annual GACC South Gala.  A portion of the proceeds will go to the benefit of SOS Children’s Villages USA.  We would like to gladly thank the company Böing for their support!

Further updates will be posted as news becomes available.

by Silke Miehlke & Zachary Blalock


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