Trip to Charlotte, NC

Today I got to take a short trip to Klaus Becker, our NC Chapter President in Charlotte.  Klaus arranged visits to two very impressive companies that both are great examples of Germany’s great engineering and design.  First we visited the new home of Teupen USA (www. Teupen manufacturers access platforms on crawlers (think JLG lift meets tank) for special applications and hard to reach places.  I got to tour their new 10.000sq ft. facility where they have combined all US sales and service functions. Teupen has realized that good customer service is essential to being succesful in the US.

Teupen's platform at work

Teupen's platform at work

The second stop on our tour was VS-Furniture’s showroom.  VS comes out of Tauberbischoffsheim and manufactures high quality office and school furniture.   Their CEO for the US Market, Claudius Reckord gave me a tour of their office/showroom and made me want to go to school again.  It is simly amazing how intuitive and user friendly furniture has become.  There is no doubt in my mind that proper furniture enriches any academic environment and enhances the learning experience.


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