GACC on the Move

After realizing that my last posts did not make it to the blog, here is a short catch up for everyone that follows our big little Chamber.  I am excited about our Blog since it is often hard to tell our members and clients what a Chamber really does and how we have an impact on transatlantic trade.

The staff has been busy preparing our upcoming board meeting in Bremen while also finalizing many small and large details regarding our upcoming move in Houston and Atlanta.  It is amazing to see how we have been able to double in size at our new Houston location and the upgraded office will give clients and staff more meeting space and room to work.  Likewise in Atlanta things are moving quickly and the office is starting to take shape at White Provision.  Maybe some of you saw the article about our move in the Atanta Business Chronicle in the Oct. 16th issue (page 11a to be exact).  We will update the Blog with some pictures of the new spaces as they become available.

While the move and BoD meeting are taking up much of our time, the other departments are staying extremely busy with new prospects and an unusual amount of potential B2C clients.  This is fairly new since our clients are usually more focused in the durables sector, less in consumer goods.  We will see if this trend continues.

Please mark November 18th for our 1st Transatlantic Logistics Conference.  More information about this exciting new event format can be found on our website.

Logistics Conference info

Have a great day and always feel free to contact me with any questions and comments you might have.


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