Magical Journey

Join me on a magical ride to Germany into a fantastical wonderland of charming figurines to learn more about the amazing story behind Wendt & Kühn.

In 1915, the touching story of Wendt & Kühn began in a workshop for handcrafted wooden figurines and music boxes, when Margarete Wendt created the well-known logo which features a weathered fir tree and the initials “W.u.K”. The fascinating creations of both Margarete and her future sister-in-law, Olly Wendt, account for the 90-year-old reputation of their adorable little angels, elaborate music boxes, colorful spring children and all of the other playful Wendt & Kühn figurines.

After leading his family business for over forty years, Hans Wendt handed the reins of the family business over to his son Tobias Wendt in 2002. Since 2002, the business has continued to grow.

In 2003, the Wendt & Kühn World of Figures gallery in Seiffen opened its doors to visitors and still continues to enchant loyal collectors who come to see the full collection on display. Next time you are in Germany, be sure to take the opportunity to stop by and see firsthand why these timeless figurines are still treasured.

Have you ever seen a Wendt & Kühn angel? If you have, you should have noticed their trademark of eleven white dots painted onto their green wings in the workshops in Grünhainichen, Germany.

Angel w/ Drum on Comet

Our next stop will be Atlanta, GA where we are preparing for the Christmas season.  Since 2003, my US Office Services team has supported Wendt & Kühn in the US market. This Christmas, I will be representing them at the upcoming German Christmas Market at the Atlanta International School on December 5 from 2pm-7pm. Maybe you are just like me and are still searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones. I hope to see you there!

Santa Claus w/ Angel

To kickoff the New Year, I will be representing Wendt & Kühn at the AmericasMart Gift show in Atlanta from January 8 to January 12. This will be my 9th show! I am looking forward to seeing old customers, and becoming acquainted with new ones. Look us up in the January 2010 directory to find out where Wendt & Kühn will be located if you will be attending! I would be delighted to welcome you.

We hope you have a pleasant Christmas season! Merry Christmas!


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