In the spirit of the holidays…

In the United States, volunteering for charities is a common activity, especially around the holidays. Church groups, businesses, schools and other such places will get groups of people together to volunteer their time in the spirit of the holidays.

One of largest charities in the U.S. is the Salvation Army, which sponsors a holiday program called the Angel Tree. Starting in August, heads of households will sign their children up for the Angel Tree program, under the pretense that these children will likely not receive Christmas gifts in any other way.

People who sign up to be donors will then “adopt” a child or family, receive a wish list from them including two or three items the child really wants and a few items they really need such as shoes or a warm coat. The gifts are then put into giant bags, collected and taken to a huge warehouse to be sorted. Volunteers supplement the toy bags with anything that is missing, and make sure that the children receive the majority of what they have asked for.

In the spirit of the season, Chairperson of our Board of Directors Robin Spratlin, General Manager of Georgia Power, rounded up a large group of Georgia Power employees to spend a weekday morning volunteering in the warehouse and some of us here at the GACC South decided we wanted to help out too!

It was not the easiest work and we definitely got dusty running around in the warehouse, but the Christmas music and the idea that these children would get to wake up to Christmas presents was enough to keep us going!


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