GACC on the move

As Kristian Wolf already mentioned some weeks ago, we are moving into a new office on Howell Mill Road. Our new office is coming along quite nicely and we are excited to settle into our new location by mid-January 2010.

Curious what the new office is going to look like?
Take a look inside.

So far, a great deal of progress has been made in the preparation for our new office. As of two weeks ago, our dry wall had been hung, much of our lighting had been installed, the door frames were all in place and paint samples were on the walls. Now, our upper level carpet is in place. The lower level carpet is currently being installed in our large conference room–together with the room’s new glass walls and doors, the carpet will complete the room. Our entire lower level has been painted and the last of our lighting has been installed (including dimmers!). We have working plumbing that has been approved by the city, and all of our office cabinets and doors have been put in place. We are looking forward to the final items for our Poggenpohl kitchen and to the rest of the finishing touches that are still being added throughout the space.

This is going to be our new conference room with the view of downtown.

Our lower level with the large conference room to the right.

It might look really empty now but this will be Kristian Wolf’s new office.

This is the open area where the Consulting and the Events – & Membership Department will be sitting. The Directors’ Offices are the ones on the left side.

 This is the receptionist area where Natascha Christoph, our Administrative Assistant, will welcome our clients and guests.


What do you think?

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