Have you heard of DE International?

Unless you are one of the German companies we work with, chances are you do not know much about the German American Chambers of Commerce consulting department, the service branch of the organization called DE International.  Our consulting department supports small and medium sized German companies in their efforts to enter and expand their businesses in the US market.

The team provides almost anything you could think of for German companies looking to enter the US market, from a basic mailing address and phone answering service, to help finding lawyers, applying for work visas, setting up bank accounts and purchasing the correct kind of insurance. Basically, they are the hardest working people out there.

With the team’s endless work, it is always great to hear when one of the companies we support is doing well. We recently received a newsletter from Cultuzz Digital Media GmbH, a digital media company that offers a wide variety of technological resources to hotels and companies within the travel and tourism industry in order to better market their products and organize their services.

Dr. Reinhard Vogel, Managing Director of Cultuzz said, “honestly spoken, as this year began we were wary about the economy and, as a result, our prognosis for 2009 was conservative. Surprisingly, the year 2009 went smoothly and has turned into one of our most successful years in history.” He went on to describe several benchmarks that were achieved by the company and goals the company would be striving for in 2010.

The GACC South’s consulting department supports a wide variety of German companies with varying levels of operations in the US. The companies range from beautiful handmade crafts to extremely complicated technologies.

For more information, please visit http://www.gaccsouth.com/en/consulting-services/.


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