GACC presents to UGA Law students

Last Tuesday, February 16, the German-American Law Society at the University of Georgia hosted a panel discussion entitled “Foreign Investments in the US – A German Perspective.” Among its panelists were the German American Chamber of Commerce South’s Vice President and Director of Consulting Services, Martina Stegmeier, and GACC South Board Member, Teri A. Simmons, partner at Arnall Golden Gregory LLP. Other panelists included Dr. Peter Huber, Professor of Law at Johannes-Gutenberg-University Mainz, and Mona P. Maerz, Senior Counsel with Chamberlain Hrdlicka.

The mission of the German American Law Society at UGA is to form a platform for students to exchange ideas and learn about the differences and similarities between the German and American legal systems. In attendance were mainly UGA law students who remarked that the event was the best of the year. Topics covered throughout the discussion included: German firms present in the Southeast, cultural differences between German and American clients, international arbitration, and German company successes and failures.

By partaking in valuable discussions such as this, the GACC South hopes to continue its involvement within the community to help promote and raise awareness about the bi-lateral relations between Germany and the US.


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