Progressive design

Take one part Germany, one part Atlanta, roughly 500 thousand parts innovation in sustainable design, and you get Jamestown Properties, a German commercial real estate investment company. Jamestown is making waves in the commercial real estate realm, deciding it will “go green in nearly its entire $4 billion portfolio of buildings, all located in the United States.”

As Director of Jamestown Matt M. Bronfman states, “we come at things from a bit of a European perspective, and Europe is far ahead of the United States in the environmental movement.”

You may be asking yourself why we are excited about this. Well, first and foremost, renewable energies and the sustainable/renewable industry has been a focus of ours for some time. Our office in Houston works primarily on projects in the renewable energies realm. Second, the GACC South Atlanta office is in a Jamestown building. Our office, with interior design and planning by Square Feet Studio, focuses on sustainable design. For example, the office utilizes natural lighting, which decreases electricity consumption.

Our offices, located on Howell Mill Road, are housed in a Jamestown building.

Jamestown Properties is based in Cologne, Germany and Atlanta, and owns properties primarily in Atlanta and New York City. For more information about Jamestown, and for the full article about the company written on March 2nd in the New York Times, click here.


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