Gearing up for our Annual General Meeting

The work has been non-stop, but we also know that the outcome at this year’s Annual General Meeting in Savannah will make everything worth it. We have twice as many attendees signed up for this year’s meeting as compared to last, we get to enjoy the beautiful City of Savannah, and support for our event and it’s purpose has been positively pouring in from all sides We are very lucky to have so many supporters, and so many people who recognize the presence and importance of the German business community here in the southeast.

To give you a rundown of events on Friday, April 30:

  • Our Friday breakfast meeting will be accompanied by speaker Mr. Gregory Miller, First Vice President and Chief Economist of Sun Trust Bank, Inc. He will give a presentation entitled “Requiem: Post Global Recession.”
  • Between breakfast and lunch we will hold a panel discussion featuring

o  Dr. Claudia Hillinger, VP for Institute Development of the Max Planck Florida Institute

o  Lars Oltmanns, President of Coppenrath, USA LP

o  Matthias Schönberg, CEO of Continental Tire North America, Inc

o  The panel will be moderated by Kristian Wolf, President & CEO of the GACC South, and will discuss why companies choose to invest in the Southern US and what makes the region so promising for future business.

  • Our business luncheon speaker is Mr. Matthias Sonn, Minister, Head of the Economics and Science Department of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Washington D.C. He will present recent developments in trans-Atlantic trade.
  • After the business luncheon is the members-only Annual General Meeting update, where we will share developments of the past year, goals and projects moving forward, and the general state of the chamber
  • Then, we will all go enjoy a lovely dinner reception on the river-side patio of the Westin Resort & Hotel

We also have some fun, family – oriented activities to enjoy on Saturday and plan to explore the city!  We’ll be sure to report back afterwards to let you know how it all goes. And to those who we will see there, we’re looking forward to your presence!

In the mean time, check out our sponsors: Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA). HERTY, Evans Engineering, City of Savannah, Georgia Power, Savannah Area Chamber of Commerce, Colonial Group, Inc, EMD Chemicals & Hunter Maclean.


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