The German Bundestag visits the Chamber

On Friday, the GACC South was pleased to host a delegation from the German Bundestag (German Parliament) for breakfast. Organized by the Deputy Consul General of Germany in Atlanta, Mr. Sönke Lorenz, the delegation included two German Members of Parliament, Mr. Bartholomäus Kalb and Ms. Dagmar Freitag. Also in attendance were the delegation’s translator Mr. Alexander Wood, advisor Mr. RR Erik Pust, and consulate intern Mr. Clint Bollmann.

After a brief introduction to the chamber, our Manager for US Market Entry Services, Silke Miehlke, gave a presentation discussing current trends, investments, and opportunities for German companies in the Southeast. In addition, the delegation discussed the Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange for Young Professionals (CBYX), a major focal point of their visit to the US. The CBYX is a joint-government-funded student work-exchange program where 75 candidates are chosen from both Germany and the US to trade places for a year. The program boasts a scholarship that covers housing, tuition, airfare and other expenses while the student is abroad. It offers the incredible opportunity of working abroad to future global business leaders.

The GACC South, in promoting this ideal of bi-lateral relations looks forward to assisting this program in matching German candidates with potential companies in the South, as well as finding potential US-student candidates for the CBYX.

Pictured here (from left to right): Alexander Wood, Silke Miehlke, Dagmar Freitag, Bartholomäus Kalb, Sönke Lorenz, Erik Pust, and Clint Bollmann.


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