“The first real German bread in the U.S.”

Have you heard? Trader Joe’s is now carrying Spelt bread from Coppenrath & Wiese. For an inside look, we interviewed one of our members, Mr. Peter Wolf (no relation to our President & CEO Kristian Wolf). Mr. Wolf moved to upstate New York from Northern Germany at the age of nine, and currently resides in Savannah, GA after a long career in the U.S. Military. When asked about his opinion of bread in the United States, he shared the following opinions:

“The current quality of bread in the states stinks compared to what is available in Germany – even from bakeries and delicatessens.”

“Bread here doesn’t even turn green after a month! What fake substances are in, that it can do that? Can’t be good!”

“U.S. bread is too soft. It should be hard crust on the outside and light, fresh – not just soft – on the inside. Then of course there is the flavor…”

If you find yourself agreeing with any of the above, make a trip to Trader Joe’s to pick up their new Seeded Rolls, “The first real German bread in the U.S.” made by Coppenrath & Wiese.


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