Picnic at Ragsdale Mill

The weekend before last, the Banks County Chamber of Commerce hosted a friendly picnic to celebrate the onset of summer with local members, business partners, affiliates, and state officials. Notable among those in attendance were the Vice President of the South African Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta, Mike Kelley, and Jordan Chinouth, the District Director for Congressman Paul Broun, M.D. Also in attendance was the GACC South’s very own Silke Miehlke, Manager for US Market Entry Services.

The event included a southern style barbecue, a tour of the Ragsdale Mill, and a raffle of door prizes. One of those prizes was a brand new lawn blower which our Silke took pride in winning. She commented that her next step would be getting a garden to put it to good use. Silke had a great afternoon, stating that “the picnic was a great opportunity to enjoy some quality time with fellow members of the Atlanta business community.”

Pictured here are Mike Kelley and Silke Miehlke after winning a new lawn blower.

Ragsdale Mill, a historic mill located north of Homer, Georgia, granted the Chamber exclusive access for the picnic. Typically the mill, which has been operating since the Civil War, is closed to the public. However, on this occasion, guests were invited to see the renovations which took place in 2007 under the Sisk Family.

The Ragsdale Mill after its renovation in 2007.


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