ZF proving Georgia’s potential to be “green”

Two weeks ago, Governor Perdue met with executives from ZF Wind Power, LLC and the Gainesville-Hall Chamber of Commerce for a ceremonial groundbreaking of a new 250,000 square foot facility. ZF’s newest venture into renewable wind energy was also witnessed by GACC South’s very own Martina Stegmeier, Vice President and Director of Consulting Services.

Martina Stegmeier, Vice President and Director of Consulting Services, along with Consul General Dr. Lutz Görgens, breaking ground at ZF.

The $90 million investment is set to create 215 jobs in the State of Georgia by its opening in late 2011.

ZF, a world leader in chassis and driveline technology, will use its superior know-how to fabricate wind-turbine gearboxes for a growing wind energy industry worldwide.

Building this new plant in Georgia near its already established facility serves as a testament to two trends: 1) Germany – the worldwide leader in the renewable energy sector – considers Georgia a strategic location for inward investment of renewable energy projects, and 2) there is an emerging renewable energy industry within the state of Georgia. Needless to say the potential for Georgia to grow as a hub for renewable energy seems boundless and the implications are exciting.

Could Georgia one day become a world leader alongside Germany in renewable energies? No one knows for sure, but the smart money is betting that this is only the beginning of a macroeconomic trend.

Groundbreaking at the future home of ZF Wind Power, LLC.

To read more about the ZF Wind Energy Plant, click here.


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