With a mission “To Create a Green Earth,” SAERTEX USA, LLC receives The Gateway Award

For the past six years, our North Carolina chapter has been presenting “The Gateway Award,” recognizing German American business achievement. Today, the award was presented to SAERTEX USA, LLC, a company that chapter president Klaus Becker states is “absolutely worthy of the honor.” North Carolina Secretary of Commerce Keith Crisco presented the award to SAERTEX and spoke of the importance of international business to the economy and development of the state of North Carolina. Our own CEO Kristian Wolf was also in attendance.

SAERTEX creates composites that are competitive with established materials such as steel and aluminum. The aim is to save fossil fuel resources by building lighter components, which lead to a cleaner environment. For example, SAERTEX can build airplane wings, buses, and more out of composites, whereas before they would have been built out of materials produced from fossil fuels. SAERTEX regularly dips into the renewable energy industry, creating, for example, the material for the blades of wind turbines used to collect energy.

Founded in 1982, the company is headquartered in Saerbeck, Germany and has locations in France, Germany, Portugal, South Africa, India, China and the United States. It works primarily in the wind energy, aerospace, civil engineering, automotive and shipbuilding industries and has worked with well-known companies such as EADS/Airbus, Boeing, GE, Siemens, BMW and Toyota.

The awards luncheon was held in conjunction with the Honorary Consul of the Federal Republic of Germany to the State of North Carolina, Kurt Waldthausen. It included an opening by Keith Crisco, the North Carolina Secretary of Commerce and a presentation by Dale Carroll, the North Carolina Deputy Secretary of Commerce.

Post edited and added to at 1:30pm, Friday, May 28.

Please note: this post was written before the event. Dale Carroll, North Carolina Deputy Secretary of Commerce was actually not able to attend.


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