Transatlantic Mobility and Energy Conference

Last Thursday, June 3, the Transatlantic Mobility and Energy Conference took place here in Atlanta. We had interesting discussions and the attendees gained insight into the new developments for electric transportation. Industry experts said that Volkswagen and other German car makers are investing heavily in electric vehicles and bringing more green autos to dealerships near you soon.

Kristian Wolf, our President & CEO, said Germany has a national goal of putting 1 million electric vehicles on the road by 2020.

Nearly a dozen experts from different organizations like Hoffmann & Krippner, CUICAR, CADFEM, Southern Company, Continental, Bertrandt AG and NRW Invest Germany outlined the future of electric cars at this conference.

Attendees of the e-Mobility conference listening to a presentation

“It’s one of the mega trends,” said Karsten Schmidt, CEO of the U.S. office of global engineering design company Bertrandt AG, about the increasingly key role of electric cars in the auto industry at the conference sponsored by Bertrandt AG and NRW Invest.

At the conference, there was uncertainty about how fast electric vehicles will gain market share, but there was no doubt the trend is up.

"Attendees gained insight into the new developments for electric transportation."

Post written by Mona Spitzer


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