GACC watching Germany vs Ghana (1:0) at the FIFA World Cup

What a Wednesday afternoon! I don’t know if you are following the FIFA World Cup at all, but yesterday was a tough day for both USA and Germany. The US already played in the morning and managed to move on to the next round (as first of their group) with a goal in the last minute – literally. But for us the German game was even more exciting since we needed to win in order to safely move on to the next round.

We met not only with our colleagues but with several other Germans (additionally,  some of our Board Members were present) downstairs from our office at Ormsby’s. Ghana had fans present as well but there weren’t as many – they managed to be louder, though. 😉 When they started singing their national anthem, we sang ours against it. So basically it was a constant switch between traditional African chants and German “fan chants”. The atmosphere was awesome!

The game was well played by both teams, but in the end Germany managed to win by 1:0. But since Australia beat Serbia (both members of Group D as well) at the same time, Ghana also moved on to the next round as second of the group. Now, in the “Round of 16”, Ghana is playing the US on Saturday and Germany is playing England (a classic) on Sunday!

Pictures of the amazing afternoon can be found here.

Post written by Britta Lipke


2 thoughts on “GACC watching Germany vs Ghana (1:0) at the FIFA World Cup

  1. I just wanted to stress the point that some of us had to actually do some work 😉 so our office was not vacant. But next time I will definitely schedule my meetings more carefully (at least during the world-cup…..)

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