Annual New Member Reception

This past Tuesday, July 13, we hosted our annual New Member Reception. So far this year, we have 115 new members to the chamber. We were pleased to welcome many of them to our offices, show them around, and get the opportunity to explain what the chamber is all about! Many of our previous members joined us as well, with over 145 people in attendance. For those who had attended our New Year’s Reception, or had come to the office at another point in time, we were still able to show off our brand new Porsche Board Room!

Special thanks to our sponsors Hoffmann & Krippner and Transparent USA for helping us to host such a great event. Also thank you to BLG Logistics for having the keen sense to pass around margaritas all evening as a summer treat. As the year progresses forward we want to remind all of our members that this is your space as much as it is ours. Please feel free to drop by, and let us know if we can ever help you host meetings here or use the space.

We have put together pictures of the event which you can find here.


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