The GACC South Welcomes Jennifer Bunn to the Atlanta Team

Hello everyone!  I am excited to have joined the GACC South’s team in July 2010 and look forward to working as a Project Coordinator in the Consulting Services Department.   My first projects involve a variety of client activities, including business proposals, distribution analysis and address research with both the Business Representation and the US Market Entry Services team.

Jennifer at the Germany vs. Australia game in Durban, South Africa - June 13, 2010

Originally born in Atlanta, I have lived in a variety of places ranging from St. Thomas, USVI to Kentucky.  I moved back to Atlanta in 1998 to receive the HOPE Scholarship and attend the Georgia Institute of Technology, graduating in December 2005 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management with a side concentration in German.  I have studied German for seven years, four years in high school and three years with GA Tech, but after many years of limited conversation, I am eager to brush up on my language skills with the GACC South!  (Please bear with me fellow coworkers!!)  In my free time, I enjoy traveling, discovering new foods and culture and training my Belgian Malinois puppy.

My prior work experience includes three years in the Business Process Outsourcing Department with Rödl & Partner in Atlanta, GA, where I was hired directly by one of their international clients, Wedi Corporation, as their US Operations Manager.  My experience with Wedi provided an extensive background in office operations, logistics, financial reporting and supply chain management.  I am eager to utilize my operations management experience to further develop and grow the US business of the clients of the GACC South’s Consulting Services Department.

Thank you everyone for the warm welcome!

Post Written by Jennifer Bunn


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