“Transformers” meets the GACC

Growing up in the 80s and early 90s, “Optimus Prime,” “Bumblebee,” “Ironhide” and “Megatron” were regular household names. Nowadays they are more or less known from the very successful “Transformers” movie franchise. Bumblebee, the yellow “Autotron” is actually General Motors’ most successful model of recent months: the all new Chevy Camaro. But why would I write about Transformers on our GACC South blog? Funny you might ask…

Martina Stegmeier, our Vice President and Director of Consulting Services, and I were recently in Chicago (July 15 – 17) for meetings with our colleagues from other German American Chambers of Commerce and the Canadian German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GACCoM, GACC NY & CGCIC).

The meetings were hosted by the GACCoM team at their office on 401 N. Michigan Avenue. Looking forward to having productive, more so than exciting meetings about numerous projects (Renewable Energies and Food), we didn’t expect to find Chicago’s Michigan Avenue to be the backdrop of what looked to be a war/catastrophe scenario: cars turned upside-down and burning debris everywhere.

Film crews of the new Transformers 3 movie had blocked off 2-3 blocks of Michigan Avenue north of the river. This meant the entrance to the building, 401 N. Michigan Avenue, was basically in the center of the film set and we had to walk past the filming. We missed all the action outside, i.e. fire, explosion and gun shots, because we were in meetings all day, but a quick You-Tube search reveals that it must have been awesome to watch. Nonetheless, Martina was able to snag a pretty good picture from the 33rd floor of our building and also one while walking through the film set to the entrance of 401 Michigan Avenue.


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