Have you ever lost your wallet?

There is a certain, gripping fear that washes over you when you’ve lost your wallet. The idea of having to cancel your debit card, wait in line to get a new license, and remembering what absolutely vital business card you had stuffed in a pocket are overwhelming. And little is scarier than knowing that someone could have all of your personal information at his or her fingertips.

Lucky for us, although we may not believe it, most people will take the time to be a good samaritan if given the opportunity. ImHONEST® facilitates this. It starts with an impressively strong label (with the choice of green, blue or grey in a variety of sizes) imprinted with a tracking number, placed simply on the back of a cell phone or the inside flap of a wallet. The owner then registers the item, along with their contact information, to their unique customer code online at www.ImHONEST.com.

Founded by Joël Núñez after a lost wallet scare, ImHONEST facilitates the basic human reaction to do the right thing. Mr. Núñez feels “people are honest if given the opportunity,” but if there is no contact information or easy way to return a found item, it renders the task impossible. With ImHONEST, the process becomes easy. In addition, the company gives part of its proceeds to non-profit organizations, and rewards those who return items with $30 worth of ImHONEST labels so people who have found and returned items may be returned the favor in the future.

As a special offer to the members of the German American Chamber of Commerce and also the readers of our blog, ImHONEST is offering a 20% discount off of any purchase through the end of August. Simply use the promo code “GCC” to receive an instant discount. Visit  ImHONEST.com to order your own ImHONEST tracking labels.


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