Hollywood at the GACC South

Last Wednesday, a movie was filmed at our office building. When we arrived in the morning, the film crew had already prepared the set. Over the course of the morning, we made a few more trips downstairs for fresh air than normal, and found out from the film crew that the movie is called “The Change-Up” starring Ryan Reynolds (The Proposal, X-Men Origins, Just Friends) and Jason Bateman (Arrested Development, Juno, Up in the Air). While we didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman was walking around quite a bit.

At one point later in the morning, a colleague called and told us to come downstairs immediately. After sprinting from our desks, down the stairwell and to the set, we found Jason Bateman getting some tea at the buffet. He was really nice when we approached him and asked for a picture. This whole experience was very exciting for us! They will be filming for a little while in Atlanta, so keep you eyes open, you might see them.

Actor Jason Bateman poses with employees of the GACC South

Post written by Britta Lipke


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