“Sprechtage” in Braunschweig and Osnabrück, Germany feature one of our own…

Early September brought business entrepreneurs from the lower Saxony area (Niedersachsen) of Germany together for insight on how to successfully enter into the world market. Taking place in Braunschweig and Osnabrück, the events focused on specific foreign economies including the BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, China), the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Poland, and also on the business market here in the States.

Among those in attendance was Silke Miehlke, one of the German American Chamber of Commerce’s very own. She is responsible for market entry services for German companies entering into the US, including market research and conducting business partner searches. While in Braunschweig and Osnabrück, Silke was able to meet and speak with other Lower Saxony representatives from all over the world and even attend an exclusive reception with the Lower Saxony Prime Minister, David McAllister. In terms of German businesses looking to expand into foreign markets, Silke finds that this sort of program is perfect for beginning companies. This is especially true in lower Saxony because great subsidy programs are available for small to midsize companies.


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