The Marketing Dept’s “Glue Party”

Our 15th Annual Gala is upon us.

In a matter of days, visitors will be flying in from all over the US and Germany to join us for this prestigious event…and you’d better believe that we here at the GACC are getting in the groove of the Gala.

To many organizations, an event of this magnitude is cause for complete panic—deadlines, stress, deadlines, deadlines, stress, and more deadlines! But here, our work is our pride and we seem to always find a way to make it fun (while simultaneously making those deadlines and maintaining relatively normal stress levels).

For proof, I will reference picture evidence (below) of some fun had on Sunday night by a few members of our marketing department while gluing Silent Auction item displays to black backing. A seemingly taunting and boring task, we managed to get the job done in a timely manner AND enjoy the company of fellow co-workers in the process.

(The only downside to this “glue party” was the realization that spray-glue is, in fact, very sticky. When left in excess on hands, it may lead to difficulty in normal tasks such as letting go of paper products, brushing hair out of ones face, and releasing door handles and steering wheels.)

Our glue party. From left to right, yours truly (Morgan), Fritzi, and Britta


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