The Aftermath

In the wake of our highly successful 15th Annual Gala, we would like to recognize and give appreciation to all of those individuals and organizations that helped make it so memorable. It’s when teams of such talented people are combined that events of this magnitude are executed so seamlessly.

Not only did more than 75 generous Silent Auction donors give a total of 91 auction items, but 88 of these items were bid on and won by our esteemed guests.

The SOS Children’s Villages will have an even brighter holiday season after our charity raffle produced a record number of purchased tickets. The lucky winner received a 12-month lease for a 2011 A5 Cabriolet donated by Audi, our partner for the Gala. The high number of raffle tickets sold reflects either an extremely moving “do-gooder” attitude or simply an affinity for really nice cars.  In the case of our raffle, we accepted both reasons as well cash and credit.

So now, in the aftermath of “Gala 2010”, we have unpacked our supplies and are attempting to unwind after many weeks of strenuous preparation. Pleased by the success of the evening, we want to take a moment to thank each and every person involved. Together we were able to contribute to a beautiful evening that I’m sure will be hard to top.

Gala 2011, here we come!


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