The Dream Team on Ice

In an attempt to enjoy the cold weather, the marketing department hit the ice last night after being invited by the St. Regis Hotel to its ice skating rink. This is the same wonderful hotel that hosted our 15th Annual Gala a few weeks ago.

Draped by an elegant, Christmas-light infused canopy, the St. Regis’ rink was an excellent place to try something out that I’m fairly sure none of us have done since we were in our single-digits.

Yes, there were collisions. Yeah…a couple people fell (just me, actually). And sure, awkward hand holding took place to prevent collisions and falling. But really, all this contributed to a wonderful evening that allowed us to get to know our newest intern, Coco and say a preliminary farewell to Britta and Hannah, who will both be moving to Germany in the next few weeks.

What made this a truly “international experience” was that German winter-time treat, Glühwein paired with the ultra-American “S’more” (please refer to the picture of Fritzi below where she is enjoying her very first S’more—a face full of pure joy).

Despite red faces and hat hair, we all considered the evening to be a resounding success. We enjoyed each others company while still being able to maintain our balance…most of the time (sorry Britta). Even those of us who were adamantly opposed to the idea of ice skating (“Guys, Wikipedia said that the sharp blade of ice skating shoes may cause a severe cut when skating in group!!”) had a nice time and were able to forget the risks and enjoy the ice.

From left to right: Coco, Hannah, Britta, Morgan, Sebastian, Steffi, and Fritzi

That s'more looks AMAZING.


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