AG Connect Expo

This past weekend, Atlanta was the host to a large agricultural trade show, the AG Connect Expo. It brought together the very latest in equipment, technology and ideas from all areas of agriculture production from all over the world, including Germany. There were 382 exhibitors at the Georgia World Congress Center with over 11,500 registrants from 62 different countries.

My colleague, Ellen Schmidt, and I had the opportunity to help out in the German section of the trade show, organized by IFW Expo, which included around 15 German exhibitors. We were the “welcoming committee,” so to speak, and were happy to assist all guests, German and American alike, while providing an endless supply of coffee and “würstchen.” We met a lot of interesting German agricultural engineers and enthusiasts and were constantly amazed by the huge selection of tractors, mowing equipment, and other agricultural goodies. (Please see picture of the tractor sitting next to our booth below.)

Even though Ellen and I usually work in a world of technology and blogs, this trade show was a reminder that this country and many others still rely a lot on agriculture. With a much greater appreciation of the agricultural sector of not only America, but Germany as well, we left the Expo feeling like a part of something greater. It was an experience that both exhibitors and attendees will profit from and I am happy to have been included.

The tractor next to our booth.

Ellen being a wonderful host at our German Pavillion!


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