Hettich America Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

It comes as no surprise to us that the southern US has been deemed one of the fastest growing regions in the states. The increasing number of manufacturing facilities expanding and growing within the metro Atlanta area is a testament to this statement. One of these facilities is Hettich America.

A subsidiary of the German company Hettich International, Hettich America has recently expanded its US operations to Gwinnett County. Going hand in hand with the shared vision of economic growth for 2011 between Germany and Georgia, Hettich America offers even more expansion potential by bringing 100 jobs to Gwinnett with the opportunity for 50 more down the road.

On January 20th the company celebrated its opening at a ribbon cutting ceremony attended by Thomas Ginchel (President of Hettich America), Dr. Lutz Goergens (Consul General of Germany), Dr. Hettich (CEO & Chairman of Hettich Holding), and our very own Kristian Wolf, the CEO & President of the GACC South.

As Kristian put it, “This ribbon cutting is evidence that our region is strong. German companies can grow and expand here, even in price-driven industries, through innovation and reinvestment into new and efficient manufacturing facilities. It’s always rewarding to see a company expand in our region—we wish Hettich the best of luck.”


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