New Kids on the Block

When you think of an intern in the traditional sense, what comes to mind?

A paper shredder?  A file re-organizer? The dreaded coffee runner?

To understand the life of a GACC South intern, you may have to adjust your thinking a bit. While we are definitely advocates of the motto “the more coffee the better,” we’ve invested in a trustworthy coffee maker, allowing us to skip the coffee run and save our interns for more important, responsibility-laden tasks.

From organizing events to conducting business partner searches to actively recruiting more members, our interns provide a solid foundation for the business that the GACC South conducts. That said, I’m sure you can understand our enthusiasm to announce and introduce our 6 new interns here in the Atlanta office and 3 new interns in Houston!

We hope that you are excited as we are to welcome these new faces to our team.

The new Atlanta office interns from left to right: Chris Rasmussen (Marketing Department), Justin Bunch (Marketing Department), Jennifer Altmann (Consulting Department), Jordan Edwards (Consulting Department), Emily Jackson (Consulting Department), and Lara Watkin (Marketing Department).

The new Houston office interns from left to right: Kathrin Meier (Project Management Team), Nico Rudolph (Project Management Team), Helen Fleischer (Consulting Department)


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