An Augsburg Adventure

4740.5 Miles. That’s how far away Augsburg, Germany is from Atlanta, Georgia. Or if you’d prefer the number in kilometers, it’s a whopping 7629.1.

Why are these numbers important, you ask? Let me explain.

This Saturday, April 30, a valued member of our consulting team, Catherine Tuten (Senior Consultant) will be flying out of Atlanta, over the Atlantic, across these 4740.5 miles, and into Augsburg to partake in a three month “Erfahrungsaustausch,” or “experience exchange” program, with the IHK Schwaben. Her main role will be to handle inquiries from companies in the region looking to expand into the United States. This is quite a substantial task seeing as how strongly engaged the area is with the US economy—there are almost 500 local companies in the Schwaben region that operate regularly with the US and more than 150 of these firms have branches in the States.

While she is “across the pond,” we’ve asked her to keep us updated on how things are going. She will periodically write posts on this very blog, so stay tuned to see exactly what kinds of fun adventures she’s having!

While her absence will surely leave a gap here in the Atlanta office, we are happy to let the IHK Schwaben borrow her.  So Katie, from all of us here at the GACC South, gute Reise and we’ll see you back in the Atlanta office in three months!


2 thoughts on “An Augsburg Adventure

    • I’m sure she’s looking forward to seeing you too! Speaking of being across the pond and missing someone, everyone here misses you on the regular. Hope to see you on this side of the Atlantic soon!

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