The Trip to Tuscaloosa

A home in the Crescent Ridge neighborhood in Holt, Alabama

This past weekend , the GACC South and BLG Logistics took a group of 24 volunteers into Tuscaloosa and its surrounding areas to do what we could. For the two weeks beforehand, GACC South members and friends showed their incredible generosity by donating items and money to our Tuscaloosa Relief Fund. Through you and a relief items drive that we held at the Atlanta Community Food Bank, we received over 200 rolls of toilet paper, over 100 bars of soap, countless tubes of toothpaste, chapstick and shampoo, coffee makers, blankets, sheet sets, boxes and boxes of clothing, over 700 baby wipes, over 200 diapers, and tons of other donations. We are still collecting monetary donations and have so far raised over $5,000. To all those who donated, thank you. Your thoughtfulness was needed and well received.

Dana Jentzsch and I sorting through baby diapers and food that would later be passed out to people who had lost everything.

We left for Alabama at 5am on Saturday morning, headed for the BLG Logistics Center in Vance, Alabama. There, we sorted donated items and prepared a truck full of goods to bring to a Salvation Army site in what was the Crescent Ridge Neighborhood.  Later that afternoon and the following morning, we went to the Temporary Emergency Services warehouse to help sort clothing, food, diapers, etc. to be distributed to those in need.

The Crescent Ridge neighborhood in Holt, Alabama

There’s not much that can prepare you to see a town that has lost everything. The F4 Tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa, Alabama and its surrounding areas on April 27 destroyed homes and businesses, tossed cars, and took away family members from a resilient community. Driving through the area was hard – we saw buildings that looked like they hadn’t been touched next to piles of wood that were once apartment complexes. The people there are resilient though, as always seems to happen after a disaster. Even at our work site for the Salvation Army, there were people joking around and even a kid walking around in a Halloween mask. People do what they can to make it through.

Thank you to everyone who helped us with this effort. You are appreciated.

If you’d like to see more pictures from the trip, please click here.


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