Par for the Course

The modern form of golf is a medieval game with roots in Scotland, but has been dominated by American players like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson for the past 100 years. Since Tiger’s fall from media grace and the slowing of his trophy stacking, the international realm has slowly started gaining strides in the game, most recently by way of Martin Kaymer, the German 26-year-old who is the defending PGA Champion and among the Official World Golf Rankings top 10 players.

Yesterday, Kaymer took part in the PGA media day at the Atlanta Athletic Club’s Highlands Course. At the media day, he was asked about what his experience has been being the reigning champion, and how the American tours are different from playing in Europe.

Kaymer said, “Golf was never really big in Germany. We had only one guy, Bernhard Langer, who did a tremendous job for us, for golf in Germany. What he did was obviously amazing. But him living in America, it was tough to find a connection to him and to golf.”

With the teaching and support of his father and brother, Kaymer was able to do what few have done before and make a name for Germany in the golfing world. His former high school, Lore Lorentz High School in Düsseldorf, now has a first class extramural golf program.

To support our fellow countryman, representatives from the GACC South and German Consulate in Atlanta visited with Kaymer. We look forward to being able to support him at the next PGA Championship, being held at the Highlands Course here in Atlanta.

From left to right: Dr. Eike Jordan, Stefanie Jehlitschka, Lars Oltmanns, Dr. Lutz Görgens, PGA Defending Champion Martin Kaymer, Rudi Herbst and Kristian Wolf


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