A new plan for sustainability.

Over the next two years, the GACC South office in Atlanta will be rolling out a brand new plan for sustainability. The topic has become a hot one, but what exactly does it mean?

The actual definition of sustainability is a fairly elusive one – it has come to mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. The overall idea is ‘the capacity to endure.’ We take this is minimizing our environmental footprint so that our world stays healthy and remains a great place to be for generations to come.

We will be putting programs into place that have less impact on our environment, contribute to our employees’ wellness, and support our communities. We will be researching and implementing the use of more recycled materials made from renewable sources. We will be focusing on our employees’ wellness to increase productivity and general well-being. We will be decreasing our energy use and relying on local businesses for our products, which will decrease shipping costs and oil usage and fuel our local economies.

We have been given so many resources to take advantage of, now it’s time we put them into place. But this is where we’d like to reach out to you. We know many of our members and friends already have sustainability initiatives in place and rather than re-invent the wheel, we’d like to learn from you.

What has worked for you? What hasn’t? Have any resources been particularly helpful?


What do you think?

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