Our Summer Interns

Every year, the office comes alive with the pitter-patter of… completely grown college students’ and graduates’ feet. This summer we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming four students from various Georgia schools.

One of our interns, Kyla, has been working in the events department on our Annual Gala, a Breakfast w/ meeting and the upcoming New Member Reception. She said that “working at the GACC has been a wonderful experience for me. I have learned so many new things here that I will benefit from in the future.”

Colin has been given the challenging task of working with massive amounts of data and research, but he’s pulled through like a champ. Like with all of us, it took a little time to get used to the long hours, but he’s fully in the swing of things now.

Cody sees the GACC as “unique, international, and fun.” He has been working diligently on preliminary marketing materials for our upcoming e-mobility Conference in September and the Medical Forum in November. “I have never worked in such a truly bilingual, business-oriented environment, so having the opportunity to collaborate with others in a language that I really enjoy speaking is wunderbar!” Amidst his work, he has also taken time for our Nintendo Wii Tournament and “several corporate journeys from our workstations into the kitchen to, for whatever reasons we could find, eat cake.”

Bethany has been working for the LLC department on debt collection services and two site selection projects.  “I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at the Chamber because of the great work environment and being allowed many responsibilities. I appreciate the wide variety of skills that can be developed here — business, German, and otherwise — and the overall opportunity to have this excellent experience.”

Our summer interns Colin, Bethany, Kyla and Cody

We certainly appreciate all of the impressive work put in by our interns. We are lucky enough to have some of the brightest minds available, and hope that each of them enjoys their time with us!


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