The Wii Tournament!

Post written by Kyla Guenzerodt

The German American Chamber of Commerce is not always about work. We like our play too!

A few weeks ago we held our first office “Wii Tournament.” Ultimately, it was preferred to hold a sports tournament outside, but being outside in Atlanta in the middle of the summer can be a little too hot, so we opted for the healthier choice of staying inside. For a few hours after work we all enjoyed a nice afternoon filled with team bonding, pizza, and of course, beer (healthy, right?).

Each couple that played had a different sport to attempt on the Wii, ranging from boat paddling, to ping pong, to bowling, to even Frisbee throwing. Going through a full single elimination bracket, we kept narrowing it down, one by one until we reached the top three. After a tight competition and winning by a small margin of 10 points, Chris Rasmussen ended up taking the title. We also held a sports costume contest, hoping that we would have some crazy people in the office that would show up like Richard Simmons. Chris also won that contest, sporting a lovely pair of shades with his sporty outfit. Sascha Hirrle came up with a close second.

Everyone enjoyed turning the board room into a game room and watching our colleagues compete against each other. The most exciting match was to watch President Kristian Wolf compete against managing director of the Houston office Jan Wiedemann, where Jan came out on top.


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