Mixing Business with Breakfast . . .

An early morning Round-Table with Commissioner Chris Cummiskey and the GACC Board of Directors

Many wake up on Friday mornings and they look forward to weekend adventures, arriving visitors or even just ‘casual Friday’ at the workplace.

At the GACC South, June 24th was an exception to this case. On this particular Friday, the GACC South hosted and welcomed an honored guest – Commissioner Chris Cummiskey of the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

Gathered in the Chamber’s Porsche Board Room, Commissioner Cummiskey and eight of the GACC South’s Board of Directors shared bagels, fruit and orange juice with a hint of business and touch of economic progress.

After a formal introduction of the GACC South and Board of Directors made by GACC South’s President & CEO, Kristian Wolf, the Commissioner was officially welcomed and the breakfast round table discussion had begun.

So what exactly goes on, beyond the doors and around the table at these kinds of meetings?  First, a lot of coffee; followed by a round of Thank you’s, then complemented by the main course: questions and answers.

To start off his own segment, Commissioner Cummiskey exclaimed just how crucial Germany’s role is in Georgia’s economy. As the one of the largest players in foreign income for the state, the Commissioner’s happiness to attend this breakfast discussion was well beyond apparent. As it is always the case when acquaint news is announced, questions started to rattle off, all circulating around the common theme of: “what does the future hold?”

The million-dollar question that even fortune tellers sweat over – nevertheless, we remain confident and reinforce that such discussions with industry leaders and state participation will keep us pushing up the right productive track.

From left to right: Dr. Eike Jordan (Jordan Inter Consult), Mark Pierson (Pierson Global Group), Sylvia Minton (MAGE Solar), Commissioner Chris Cummiskey (Georgia Dept. of Econ. Development), Kristian Wolf (GACC South), Thomas J. Harrold, Jr. (Miller & Martin, PLLC). Back row from the left: Dennis Wagner (BESTAR LLC), Maj. William Bradley Carver (Hall Booth Smith & Slover, P.C.) and Steven Markham (BLG Logistics, Inc.)


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