As summer slips away…

For the past few days, the southeast has experienced a sudden temperature drop of about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, constant misting, storms and a general feeling that mother nature took the switch from August to September far too seriously. Sweaters were pulled out of the closet, basements had to be creatively waterproofed in the matter of hours and we had to dig out our socks from the bottom of the drawer.

Lucky for you, we have a way to instantly transport yourself back to the warmth of summer (i.e. last week). On August 27, we held our 8th Annual German Bierfest. Turnout was more than we’d ever had and we have to at least thank mother nature for giving us the best forecast we’d had in years.

We’d like to thank everyone who was involved in the Bierfest this year. We had an amazing set of volunteers, great vendors and beer distributors and a wide variety of other logistics people that help us make Bierfest what it is every year.

You can check out all the pictures from this year by going to our web album. You can also check out all of our vendors and beer served by going to Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and becoming a fan of ours on Facebook to keep up with updates for next year’s Bierfest!


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