When technology meets beauty.

A Hansekogge Ship

Hansekogge ships were used by the Hanseatic League, an alliance of trading cities that established and maintained a trade monopoly over most of Northern Europe and the Baltic for a time in the later Middle Ages and the Early Modern period (between the 13th and 17th century). The hull form of these ships have been evolving for 1,500 years and there are still some in use today. They are excellent pieces of craftsmanship and technology that have maintained their importance into the current age.

The first step - creating bases for the Hansekogge ships to be placed in the 3D printers

For our 16th Annual Gala coming up on November 5, we are so excited that we will be able to grace our Platinum and Gold tables with unique Hansekogge centerpieces. These Hansekogge models were created by MB Tech in Alabama, where the company has been slowly creating these amazing little boats over the past several days. Each boat takes more than 20 hours to print in MB Tech’s highly-technical 3D printers. Once the ships are completed, they will be driven to Atlanta in time for the Gala on Saturday, where they will adorn the Gala tables.

The complete Hansekogge model


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