Do you DB2?: GACC South [Consulting] Heads to Las Vegas with Client ITGAIN, Inc.

Post written by Amy Merrill, Senior Consultant, US Office Services

As a Senior Consultant with the Office Services Team at the GACC South in Atlanta, I have the chance to be involved with nearly every aspect of the business process.  My clients represent a wide range of industries, from giftware to software to automotive parts, and they are always busy.

Last week I traveled to Las Vegas in order to support one of my favorite long-time clients:  ITGAIN, Inc.  ITGAIN is a database consulting company based in Hanover, Germany.  In the US they focus on developing and distributing their database monitoring software, Speedgain for DB2.  From October 23-26, ITGAIN appeared as an exhibitor at the IBM Information on Demand Conference Expo.

Nico Gier and Mathias Hoffmann at the ITGAIN booth

While I enjoy the day-to-day challenges it is always an extra special bonus to be able to meet my clients in person and see them in action.  After a quick meet-and-greet breakfast at the Luxor Hotel on Sunday, I and my ITGAIN colleagues, Mr. Mathias Hoffmann and Mr. Nico Gier, were off to set up the booth and get everything ready for the Expo’s Opening Reception that night.

Over the next four days at Information on Demand, I spoke with potential customers and several of ITGAIN’s current US clients.  Dozens of industry professionals stopped by the booth—or were rounded up by Nico (“Do you use DB2?!”)—to discuss new features of the product, to hash-out a tricky issue with the software, or simply to “talk shop.”  I valued the chance to put faces to names and to listen in as the ITGAIN software experts enthusiastically explained the advantages of their software.

Nico and Mathias presenting Speedgain to customers

Over my years with GACC Consulting Services I have seen just how large a part building relationships with US partners and customers plays in a company’s success in the US market.  Customer service is critical for US customers, and a familiar face goes a long way in a competitive market.  Trade shows provide a key venue for information exchange and personal interaction, which is especially important for internationally-based companies.

But of course the trip was not all work and no play.  It was Vegas, after all.  I managed to find an hour or two to walk the Strip, take in a couple of excellent shows, and meet a few interesting characters.

Me with a Blue Man!


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