Sweet Home Alabama: How to drive a thousand miles in three days

Post written by Megan Urry

With the GACC South’s Atlanta office being closed last Friday (we had to give ourselves a rest day after a very successful 16th Annual Gala the Saturday previous), our very own fearless VP of the Atlanta Office and Marketing Services, Stefanie Jehlitschka, took advantage of the three-day weekend and went to Alabama to visit a few friends of the chamber.

The first stop on her road trip was Mobile, where she met a former colleague who once worked for a GACC South incubator company and now works for ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, whose Alabama plant outside Mobile just happens to be the largest steel processing facility in North America and the second largest internationally. With goggles, protective headgear and a fashionable vest in tow, Steffi took a tour of the massive facility and got the chance to see how millions of tons of steel are produced at the plant annually.

An invitation to a birthday party and 200 miles later, Steffi found herself in Tuscaloosa to celebrate with a friend from Mercedes Benz Technology. The MB Tech employee was in charge of making the 3D-printed Hansekogge ships that adorned the tables at our 16th Annual Gala.

Steffi’s last stop was breakfast with the head of the Atlanta-based Bremen Invest office, Kirk Atkinson. The two have worked closely together on multiple projects since the beginning of the season, and it was only fitting that her trek across the Heart of Dixie was made complete with a colleague over grits and strata.


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