Run, Houston, Run!

Staff members at our Houston location recently decided that they needed to incorporate more active company outings into their schedule, so they started a healthy, in-office competition: choose an athletic contest for everyone to participate in, train a bit beforehand, and hopefully place ahead of the boss (and contribute to a worthy cause, of course).

The group’s first match was the 11K Energizer Night Race that took place on 11-11-11, sought out and chosen by Houston’s own Consulting Department staff member Julia Schulz. The 7-mile trek, sponsored by the bunny-clad battery company at the front of the race’s title, has pledged to donate 11 million hours of solar light to communities without electricity in 2011, and is raising money via the 11Ks they’re currently hosting around the country. Julia said she chose it because the race’s message coincided with the GACC South’s commitment to green and renewable energies. Project team Katharina Strenge, Jannik Zimmer, Nicholas Bunce and their boss, Houston Office Managing Director Jan Christoph Wiedemann, joined Julia in the race that kicked off around 6:30 that evening.

In the end, Katharina and Jannik came in first, with Julia and Jan trailing by just a few seconds. While Julia said the event was a great team-building experience, she had one more thing to add about the office’s next fitness expedition: “The challenge is on to beat Jannik.”

We’re all looking forward to round two…

Members of our Houston office at the 2011 11k Energizer Night Race. From left clockwise: Jan Wiedemann, Jannik Zimmer, Nicholas Bunce, Katharina Strenge and Julia Schulz.


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