The DIHK tours ATL

Last Friday, the Deputy CEO of the central German Chamber of Industry and Trade (DIHK) in Berlin, Dr. Volker Treier, visited the GACC South Atlanta office to get some insight into the Chamber’s operations. Atlanta was the second stop on his tour of three German American Chambers of Commerce, with his trip beginning in Chicago and later taking him to New York for the German-American Business Outlook presentation that took place on December 5.

Joined by Dr. Treier was Dr. Sara Borella from the Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Brussels, Belgium. They had breakfast in our office with several GACC South staff members to discuss projects, events and goals for the New Year. Dr. Treier and Dr. Borella also took a tour of the office and had the opportunity to meet other staff and interns.

Dr. Treier’s mini tour of Atlanta included several other stops around the city. He met with the Vice Provost for International Initiatives at Georgia Tech, made a visit to Hansgrohe, Inc., held meetings with the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and met with members of the GACC South Board of Directors and with German Consul General Dr. Lutz Görgens.

Friederike Munzinger, GACC South’s Manager of Membership and Events, deemed the Deputy CEO’s whirl-wind tour of the Peach state capital a success: “It was nice meeting and finally putting a face to the Deputy CEO of our parent organization!”

Some attendees of last week’s lunch meeting, from left: Peter Halpaus, CEO of IFF, Inc. – Dr. Sara Borella, Director of International Trade Policy, EU Foreign Trade Promotion and Transatlantic Relations at the Association of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce in Brussels – Kristian Wolf, former President & CEO of the GACC South – Dr. Lutz Görgens, German Consul General – Dr. Volker Treier, Deputy CEO of the DIHK – Dennis Wagner, President & CEO of BESTAR, LLC – Steven Markham, President of BLG Logistics, Inc. – Thomas Harrold, Partner at Miller & Martin, PLLC – John Woodward, Director, Foreign Investment Global Commerce, Economic Development Division of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce


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