Happy holidays from the GACC South!

This past Tuesday, the GACC South Atlanta office held our annual holiday party with some Christmas classics: a Charles Dickens play, some warm apple pie… and lots of yummy Italian food. First, we went to café Italia Baraonda for dinner and feasted on wine, tortellini and bruschetta (amongst other goodies), followed by lots (and lots) of chocolate cake and tiramisu. Feeling stuffed, it’s safe to say the walk to our group’s next destination was not a swift one…

Consulting Department members Jimi Smoke, Julia Reimann, Anika Buchholz and Ellen Schmidt at our holiday dinner.

The whole group eating in Baraonda before a festive night at the Shakespeare Tavern.

After dinner and a little digesting, we made our way to the Shakespeare Tavern to watch a live performance of A Christmas Carol. The acting troupe at the Tavern diverged from their usual Shakespearean fare to put on the Dicken’s classic, and the chamber is glad that they did. Staff and interns watched Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future over warm apple crisp and pints of Paulaner.

The GACC South wishes everyone a happy holiday, and safe travels to where ever you find yourself this holiday season!


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