Porsche Consulting, Inc. officially open for business in the ATL

Last week, GACC South Interim President & CEO Stefanie Jehlitschka attended a luncheon that marked the introduction of Porsche Consulting, Inc. to Atlanta, the organization’s first office in the U.S. and fourth internationally. The event took place at The Mansion on Peachtree hotel and brought some of the biggest names in Porsche out to celebrate the launch of the newest extension of Porsche Cars North America, Inc.

From right: Porsche Consulting Group President & CEO Eberhard Weiblen, Porsche Consulting, Inc. President & CEO Dr. Norman Firchau, CFO Dr. Wolfgang Lindheim, Manager of Finance Ryan Nelligan, and Senior Consultant Kevin Schwutke.

So what does a consulting group that has one of the biggest names in the automotive industry behind it do, exactly? Simply put, Porsche Consulting is an efficiency machine. The team assesses a given business, draws a plan to make that business’ processes more precise and consistent, and then integrates this plan alongside the company’s ideas to create a more productive and timely workplace (and a better product).

Porsche began on this consulting journey in the 1990s, when they realized that they had the knowledge and expertise to act as a consultant to their part suppliers. Today their consulting projects have branched out to almost 500 clients worldwide, ranging in industry from culinary and health care, to IT and consumer goods. Needless to say, their methodology is adaptable almost everywhere – and it works.

Even a well-oiled machine needs durable parts to keep on trucking, however, so it’s only fitting that Porsche chose within the GACC South family when they recruited for their new Atlanta team. One of their current marketing analysts, Sybille Strunk, was with us for six years before starting her new position at Porsche Consulting recently. The office opening even had an online article dedicated to it in Forbes last week. Looks like that truck is on quite a roll so far…

Porsche Consulting, Inc. President & CEO Dr. Norman Firchau speaking at last Tuesday's luncheon.


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