GACC South Marketing goes for tea

Every few months, the GACC South Marketing Department goes out for drinks to give the group a chance to socialize outside of the office. We’re a team made up of three Americans and four Germans, all of which have an affinity for beer (with the exception of last night, which brought a few too many diet cokes and tea pots amongst us. What can we say? It was cold and some of us were still jet-lagged from the holidays).

Missing our former President and CEO Kristian Wolf a little too much, we decided to take him with us. By “him,” we mean the cardboard cutout we have of him (yes, you read that correctly – we had the duplicate made for his going away party last October, and it’s been with us ever since). So, off we went for a round of drinks at the bar we all frequent below our office with Kristian in tow.

The GACC South Marketing Department having dinner with the cutout of our former President and CEO, Kristian Wolf (now a bit of a celebrity around our office complex).

While it didn’t make up for having him their in person, the reminiscing around appetizers and pints of Paulaner was just what we needed after a productive and eventful winter season… even if we did get a few funny stares along the way.

A majority of the Marketing team with “Kristian.” From left, back row: Marketing Intern Megan Urry, Marketing Analyst Nine Moeller, Membership Coordinator Christopher Rasmussen, Ormsby's co-owner Michael Goot, Interim President & CEO Stefanie Jehlitschka, and Events and Membership Manager Friederike Munzinger. To the left of Kristian is Communications Manager Pamela Jackson.


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