A new home for Zwick USA

From L to R: Dr. Stefan Roell - Chairman of the Board of Zwick/Roell AG, Mark Mathews - Mayor of the City of Kennesaw, Bill Becker - Managing Director of Zwick USA

Last week on February 6, Zwick USA opened its new headquarters in Kennesaw, Georgia. The company is the North American subsidiary of Zwick/Roell AG, a global supplier of material and component testing systems, based out of Ulm, Germany.

The move from their old facilities means that they will now have their own space (as opposed to renting out of another office building) and have been able to renovate and design the space to match Zwick’s corporate identity and better reflect the German office atmosphere. The new facilities also include a product demonstration lab and a customer training center.

Our Director of Consulting Services, Silke Miehlke and our Manager of Membership and Events, Friederike Munzinger attended the office opening celebrations. Highlights of the evening were a private tour through the office and meeting the chairman of the board of Zwick/Roell AG who flew over from Germany to join the event.

Friederike and Silke at the new Zwick USA office

As Friederike put it, “I always enjoy meeting our members in person to get a better idea of who they are and what they are doing. This helps us a lot to provide our members with better service.” She especially enjoyed the informal atmosphere where she was able to meet the families of Zwick’s employees as well.

Friederike also thought that “it was very nice meeting Dr. Stefan Roell, chairman of the board Zwick/Roell AG and Mr. Benno Sadowski, Sales Manager, Series Division who were both coming from the headquarters in Ulm, Germany to attend the event, as well as Mr. Bill Becker, Managing Director of Zwick USA who gave us warm welcome and a better understanding of Zwick USA’s work here. I really hope that we can strengthen our relationship and work together more closely in the future.”


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