The five degrees of the GACC South Intern

Being an intern in the GACC South offices is a unique experience. Galas, business seminars, market research and collection services are just the beginnings of what we help facilitate here. Interns are exposed to a little bit of everything that makes the international wheels of the Chamber turn, and many have gone on to pursue opportunities related to their work at the GACC South after their time here. American interns Nicholas Bunce from our Houston office and Emily Jackson from our Atlanta office are doing just that over the next few months, and will be doing so with members of our Chamber network.

In Nicholas’ case, networking got him the gig. After hosting directors of a German consulting firm visiting our Houston office, Nick was asked by a delegation member to apply for an internship they have in Berlin – and got it. The Texas A&M graduate said the past year with the GACC South, which he described as “having a little Germany in the office with the comforts of home” (amongst many other positives), has not only improved his German, but helped him realize his goal of working and living in the country he’s studied since high school.

Emily, on the other hand, was awarded a fellowship through The Halle Foundation with the help of her German professor at Georgia Tech (Dr. Bettina Cothran, who also happens to be a long-time friend of the Chamber). The Halle Foundation sponsors a prestigious fellowship program through Cultural Vistas that works with Georgia universities to provide students international work experience in Germany, and every year our Atlanta office hosts several events with the program to allow students access to our international business community here in the southeast. Emily will be interning with a soon-to-be determined company for three months this summer and hopes to be placed in Berlin.

It just goes to show… the hop across the Atlantic isn’t such a big one around these parts.

Congratulations to Nick and Emily on their hard work, and best of luck in Germany!

Please click here for information on The Halle Fellowship program, and here for information on how to intern with the GACC South.


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