Off to Germany they go!

Every year, we host an orientation for Halle Fellowship students who will be heading to Germany to work for this summer. The orientation provides these students with information about the German-American business community in the South, provides a little insight as to why it is so important to gain work experience in Germany (come back and get a job with one of our MANY German companies in the South!) and some things they may need to know about living abroad.

So what is the Halle Fellowship? Organized by Cultural Vistas and sponsored by The Halle Foundation, the fellowship provides students from Georgia-based universities the opportunity to live and work in Germany for their summer term. The experience allows these students to gain international work experience, improve their German language skills and experience German culture.The students are placed all over the country at a wide variety of companies and organizations based on their interests and skill sets.

While we love having students in our office and would support the program anyway, our tie to this organization started because the GACC South’s founder, Dr. Eike Jordan, serves as the Chairman of the Board of The Halle Foundation. It’s easy to say we’re one big happy family, and we are glad to lend our support to such an important program.

On October 16th, we’ll be hosting a welcome-back reception for the students. We’ll also be inviting you, our members and friends, to speak with the students about their experiences, lend them some advice for the working world and enjoy some lovely food and drinks while we’re at it. To make sure you receive information about this event, sign up for our newsletter.


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