We are “Website of the Month”

Last week, we were chosen as the “Website of the Month” out of all AHK (German Chambers of Commerce around the world) websites in the monthly AHK newsletter, which was sent out by the AHK service-provider CPS-IT (CPS provides the technology for all AHK websites). At the beginning of 2012, CPS-IT started this new campaign by choosing their favorite website for each month. Criteria are:

  • The general look and design
  • The use of CPS-IT provided tools and the implementation of these features
  • The use of social media and usability-friendly features

Previous winners were the UK (www.grossbritannien.ahk.de/en/) and the Netherlands (www.dnhk.org).

The “face” of the GACC South website went through some significant changes throughout the last year. The front page look was completely revised last fall, the news-ticker, an event calendar and plenty of other CPS-IT tools were implemented. In addition, the main menu structure and subpages were simplified go give our users an easier and better overview.

Also, as a big project at the beginning of 2012 we merged the GACC South and GACC Texas websites into one. We are constantly working on a more user-friendly and smarter structure, trying to catch up with the continuously progressing online evolution.

The GACC South is proud of this acknowledgement and we are hoping to improve usability for our website visitors as much as we can! We always welcome any feedback and comments regarding our website and other online activities.

To view the article, please click here.


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